Friday, November 30, 2012

My day in Boston

     Today I went to Boston to see Dr. Hadlock for a follow up.  I love going to see Dr. Hadlock because she is the Dr that gave me a smile.  I am happy that mom and dad found her and she was able to do such a good surgery.  It makes me sad that so many babies in China need surgery.  My chip ins don't have much money in them.  Please can you help?  The LWB chip in is to get money ready for the next cleft trip in April.  The Grace and Hope is to keep Misty in foster care.  Please keep Misty's smile by letting her stay in a family rather than the orphanage.  Just a little bit of money to a chip in helps if everyone adds a little.  NO money comes to me, it all goes straight to LWB or Grace and Hope.  Remember to tell them I sent you so you can get a thank you.

     Also today, WCVB Boston news interviewed me for the news next Monday.  I had fun.  Thank you Lynn and Steve, and thank you Mary for sending me pictures.  I hope that my story will help others smile too.  Mom thought I was funny when Lynn told me I would be on the news next week.  I asked her when can I be on Ellen!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Chip in is up

There was a problem with the Grace and Hope chip in, but I am happy to say a new one is up and ready. Please think of Misty now in foster care and wanting to stay there needing our help. It just is such a small amount to keep her in foster care. Everyones donation helps. If all you have is $5.00 that is great, it goes with someone elses $5.00 and together we can make it happen. For those that can give more, that is great too. Please lets all do what we can. Misty needs us! We are also still needing as much as we can toward LWB. They will travel in the spring to do more cleft surgeries. I am trying to raise money, won't you help? Last year, I was so happy to see the pictures of the 2 babies that my birthday money helped put new smiles on. I can't wait to see who we can help together. AND for those of you who love my new smile, remember MA Eye and Ear! love Narissa

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


   Yay,  my story made the front page of our paper!  They even posted a link to this blog.  I hope that more people will look here and know that the chip in money does not come to me.  It goes straight to LWB.  Grace and Hope has to be reset, but for now LWB is a great place to donate.  Or if you want to donate to Grace and Hope that would be great, Misty needs money to stay in foster care.  Please donate to them and tell them Narissa sent you and they will send you my thank you. If you are looking to help others smile one of these places or MA Eye and Ear Hospital curing kids are great places to go.
    My sad news is that my counter is at 1925 and only 4 people have donated to LWB.  WHY?  Please know that so many babies NEED YOU.  Please join me and help   love Narissa

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Day of Giving

I love to raise money for other people.  Last week first I was happy to get the money, then I was sad when I raised $50 from selling first aid kits.  Mom went to put half on LWB and half on Grace and Hope and found out that the Grace and Hope chip in ended.  I didn't want it to end because we need to still raise money to keep Misty in foster care.  But it ended way short of the money needed.  Please help Grace and Hope when the new chip in gets up.  Mom put all the money in LWB which is great too.
Today is a day of giving for America.  Please never forget our orphans in China, but today all the people in NY and NJ that still have no heat or lights or even homes really need our help.  Please find a way to help them and donate.    Love Narissa

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First Aid Kits

A great big thank you goes out to my friend Mike who sent us these great first aid kits to sell.  He donated these for me to sell and send the profit to my chip ins.  They are so nice, I sold 3 of them in the first five minutes.  Any others out there interested?  The big blue ones are $20 and the smaller ones are each $10.  Because these were donated, all the money will go to help others smile.  Can't thank you enough Mike.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Narissa's BIG night!

Last week, Narissa had a very special night.  Over the past year, Ma Eye and Ear Hospital has followed her, a video was made starting during surgery, then follow up appointments, days at the playground with her new friend that also had surgery,  they also had pictures added from her adoption.  The video was great of both Narissa and her friend Lydia. I did have one sting in it when a statement was made that we adopted Narissa, when no one else would.  That I am sure was a comment taken out of context, but I was not able to view before production.  Anyways, the video was made to help fundraise the hospital's research needs, a cause our family is very concerned with.
Narissa had a fairy tale night, she and Lydia were introduced to the giant stage after the video played.  Maybe biased, but they were about the cutest little girls I have ever seen!  I was so proud of how well they helped each other, and just really enjoyed themselves in the spot light.  They got to intruduce Joey MacIntire of the The Kids On The Block.  When I told Narissa, her only comment was "WHO".  A little before her time, but my older daughters were wishing they could be there!
Later, the girls returned to the stage as Narissa had a donation from her grandfather.  They led the donations for the next 20 minutes or so, looking so beautiful on stage the crowd could not help but hit that donate button.  They co hosted the fund drive till $81,000 was hit!  Over all one of life's greatest events.  The night brought in over 1.1 million for the hospital.
So, with such great success for the hospital, I ask why can't Narissa get a few more donations from her chip ins?  She checks in often and wonders why no one has added to the few donations made when the chip ins first went up.  Does no one care about Misty?  Is there anyone that can help the babies that LWB will help?  These are Narissa's questions.  Please can someone help?

Friday, September 28, 2012

We really need help!

Good morning all
     I hope that you are good.  My mom tells me that people send donations to LWB and Grace and Hope all the time.  Please if you are going to send them a donation and you find out about my blog will you send it through my chip in?  Then you can have one of my gifts that mom sent for me.  Then you can help me help LWB have money for the next smile trip and you can help me make sure that Misty is in foster care.  Thank you        Love Narissa

Monday, September 17, 2012

Lots of Red Thread thank you's waiting!

Narissa has made and sent her red thread thank you's.  I sure hope that you will be able to receive one!  A group has been sent to both Grace & Hope and LWB, won't you send your donation through Narissa's chip in today so that you can receive yours.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Come on people I'm cheering you on!

Come on everyone, I have a lot to go to get one surgery done for just one baby.  I want to get enough for a lot of babies.  I am cheering you on. GO lets get donations in to LWB.

We need to get money to Grace and Hope for Misty to be in foster care too.  Please help! love Narissa

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Smile Grew Overnight!

I got very happy news this morning, donations came in for both LWB and Grace & Hope!  Mom also told me that Grace & Hope let me know we have Misty.  She is a girl from my orphanage, and I had asked for her a few weeks ago but didn't know I got her till this morning.  I want to help kids still in the orphanage.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We have chip ins!

So this is the post that Narissa has been waiting for. We asked Grace - Hope and Love Without Boundaries for chip ins. Narissa was a very happy girl when for her birthday she was able to raise money for LWB to do 2 cleft surgeries. She asked me to help her raise more so that when LWB goes on their next trip, they will already have money that she raised! Narissa was a child that was in foster care through Grace - Hope while she waited to come home. Although she was not with her foster family for a long time, five years later, she still misses her other mother. How special it is for her to have a memory, although small of a special love left behind. Won't you help Narissa raise enough money for another child to have that care. The chip ins make it possible to donate directly to the charity of your choice. No money will come through us. Narissa has made what she calls red thread thank yous, and one will be sent to you for your donation through that charity! There is no chip in for MA Eye and Ear, but that is another place in our hearts as that is where Narissa's smile surgery was done. They are helping her to smile, won't you. Narissa has been chosen as one of the fund raising faces of the year for MA Eye and Ear! You can make donations to them through their web site. If you tell them Narissa sent you, and ask for a red thread, I am sure they will be happy to get one out also.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A photo shoot for Narissa!

Can't spill the beans yet, but a special person I know got to spend the day in front of a camera!  What a great day we had in Boston.  I don't have pictures from photographer, but thought I would share a few that I took.  I just can't get enough of my beautiful girl!  Ruthie

Monday, August 6, 2012

A great summer

Hello everyone  I am have a great summer.  I have been busy with cheerleading, playing with my family and friends and vacations!  I have great news, my smile is growing!  Hope everyone is having a great summer too.  I will have news soon on how much easier it will be for you to help one of my favorite places.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm Back!

Hi everybody, it's me Narissa I am back!  I have not been on the computer for awhile.  We had to get a new one cuz our last one broke.  Now I can write again and hope to raise more money for the babies still waiting for families in China.
On my list of favorite places I would like to help, I put Grace-Hope for Children because I was in a foster home through them when I was waiting for my family.  I also put Love Without Boundaries because I want to help other babies have smiles too. The last I put was Mass Eye and Ear Hospital in Boston because that is where my surgery was done, and my great surgeon does research to help other people with facial paralysis get smiles.  Dr. Hadlock also does volunteer work in other countries to help children have surgeries that their families can not afford.  I hope that someone can read my story and help one of these places so other children can smile.
I have made more red thread thank you's and would love to send them to the places above so they can forward you one if you make a donation and tell them that you did so because I asked!
I saw my friend had a chart on her blog to show how much money was raised to help her family adopt her new sister.  Mom doesn't know how to put one of those on my blog.  If anyone can help her, please let her know.  I want to be able to show how much money I raise for the babies.
I hope everone is having a good summer.  I am happy to be out of school but I already miss my friends and teachers.  I can write again soon, and I will ask mom to put some pictures on too.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A little about Narissa's surgery

Yes this blog is Narissa's.  She wanted it for her birthday so she could help raise money for others to smile.   Today I want to tell you a little more about Narissa's surgery.  Maybe she can help someone else with facial paralysis think more about options.
Narissa came to us at the age of 3 with right side facial paralysis.  In Jan 2011, she had a nerve graft transplant where a nerve was taken from her lower leg and attached to a nerve in her non paralyzed side of the face. It was brought over under her nose to the right side. In Aug of 2011 when we knew the nerve had survived the transplant, she was scheduled for the 2nd stage of the surgery.  In this stage, a muscle would be taken from her thigh and transplanted into the paralyzed side with the nerve being attached the objective being that when her left side smiled, the nerve would also make her right side smile.
Well, just days before the scheduled surgery, a MRI was done that showed there had been a much larger surgery done on her in China than we knew.  The stage 2 had to be cancelled as she had no blood supply on the right side of the face.  I was devastated.  I felt that I had let her down.  Dr. Hadlock on the other hand would not leave this alone.  She contacted surgeons around the world to ask for other opions.  She brought me in and explained in detail for over an hour what she thought.
Craig and I prayed for many hours and felt that we should still try the stage 2.  Good thing Craig was thinking.  He made me realize that had we known of the added problem we still would have gone through with trying.  We were just blessed that Dr. Hadlock found the problem before being in the O.R.
In Jan 2012, Narissa underwent stage 2.  Along with Dr. Hadlock and her team, was a vascular surgeon.  Two arteries were transplanted before Dr. Hadlock could even start her proceedure.  Narissa was in surgery somewhere in the 10 hour range.  She said it felt like she fell asleep and then a minute later woke up.  Ask Craig if I made it feel that way!
Dr. Hadlock explained because of the added problems, the risk was higher for rejection.  The chances of success have been lessened, but she still felt it was worth a try.  She also explained that it could take a year to see any movement.
WELL 3 months and a week later, yesterday during follow up, We saw movement!  It is VERY VERY slight, but VERY VERY exciting!  It tells us that the nerve, arteries, and muscle all survived transplant!
I am not sure who was the most excited, me or Dr. Hadlock, but I can tell you that I am beyond happy.
 I called Craig right away to share the excitement.  THEN I got on the train and became overwhelmed.  It was everything in my power to hold back the tears.
For all the first I missed out on with Narissa, her first tooth, or step, or word this is a far greater reward.  A tiny little movement.  I can't explain my happiness right now, but I can say I am thankful.
I am thankful to a Father in Heaven who hears my prayers and answers them.  He blessed us first to let us be Narissa's family.  He blesses us with the healing power of the priesthood.  He blessed us to live right here so close to Dr. Hadlock, one of only a few surgeons in the world that specialize in facial paralysis. He has blessed us with the ability to see His love.  I could go on and on.
So for anyone reading that has facial paralysis, there is hope.  Sorry this was so long, but I hope it will help someone along the way.  Please stay with us as Narissa gets her next fundraising hope in action.  Thanks for reading    Ruthie

Friday, April 27, 2012


Well I think, at least I hope I have finally gotten a picture of Harris posted.  We have been thinking and praying for all of the babies that had surgery last week and hoping they are doing well.  Thank you all for your help. Remember donations are always needed.  We have a lot of red thread gifts waiting to be sent, just let LWB know that Narissa sent you.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

LWB have helped 49

It has been a very happy and busy week for the medical team at Love Without Boundaries.  They have done 49 surgeries and are now on their way home.  With saddness I have to say that Nathaniel was not able to have his surgery.  He weighed less than expected so he will just have to fatten up before he can be done.  Please keep him in your prayers.  On a good side, a rural baby had surgery in his place.  So for those of you who helped Nathaniel, know that your donation went to a great use.  It is so special to know that a rural child whose parents love him but could not afford surgery has been helped.  This child can now stay in the loving care of his birth mother and father and not need to be an orphan to have this life changing surgery.  It made me cry.  I cried for Nathaniel who has to wait, but for Ci I cried tears of joy knowing the difference this turn has made.  Just because this trip has come to a close, don't forget that LWB helps year round to many programs.  We love to hear of the donations that come in so please continue to help.  There are a lot of red thread gifts waiting to be delivered! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Harris is done!

We got word that Harris did have his surgery Tues morning China time!  I think Nathaniel may have had his surgery also, but his picture is not on LWB site so I don't know for sure.  Please keep both boys and all the others that are in need in your prayers.  Visit LWB to see all the updates.  So exciting!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


We got word from LWB that both Harris and Nathaniel are fully funded!  Both boys will have their surgeries next week. Thank you to all that helped get the word out, and for those that sent a donation.  If you did donate, and didn't tell LWB that Narissa sent you, please let me know and I will make sure you get your red thread thank you.
LWB told us that when they arrive in China on Sunday, there will be many families that come to them for surgery that are just too poor to pay.  They will welcome any donations toward these families.  Remember tell them Narissa sent you and you will get your thank you!  I am asking for you to tell them she sent you because it makes a diference to her, she gets so excited everytime we talk about the help that these kids are getting.  I am so proud of her desire to help and any show of help that I get to tell her about just makes her want to work harder.  I can't think of a better desire. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still in Need

I still can't post a picture of Harris, don't know why but the good news is that he is all set for his surgery.  If you helped us get his funding or not, but would love to see him he is on the LWB site.  What a cute boy!
The bad news is that Nathaniel is still not funded.  I got word from LWB that he has passed his physical and is healthy enough for surgery.  PLEASE don't make this baby wait another year for surgery.  Harris will be traveling with nannies and 2 other children from his SWI for surgery.  With the others going it will be so much easier to have Nathaniel done at this time.  There are only a few days left, won't you make a difference?
Don't forget, if you send a donation, tell LWB that Narissa sent you so they can send a red thread thank you.      Ruthie, posting for Narissa

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Few More Days

There are not many days left before Love Without Boundaries medical team are in China. Nathaniel needs surgery.  The doctors still do not know, (till they get there) if he will weigh enough and be healthy enough for his lip to be repaired, but we want to hope.  We can only want to hope because the funds are not yet all in place.  Please won't you join with others to help Nathaniel (or any other child in need) get the needed surgery.  The LWB medical team are all voluntees, they have spent their own time and money to do these surgeries.  A donation is all I am asking of YOU.  If Nathaniel is not well enough to have his surgery, the money will be used on another child in need. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another baby!

Mom got a picture of Harris from LWB, but she can't get it to print as a picture. For anyone that wants to see him, he is on their site with all that are scheduled to have surgery in April.  He has funded under his picture, and that is because we have done it!  You and me and all of us that care to help the children left waiting for their needed help.  It makes me so happy that I have helped and that you have helped me.  Lets keep going.  LWB told mom that there is another baby that donations that they receive saying Narissa asked for their help will go to Nathaniel.  That is if Nathaniel is healthy enough to have his surgery when LWB is there in a couple of weeks.  If he is not ready, our donations will go to another child in need of cleft surgery.  Please lets add one more surgery to the trip.  Won't you please send your donation today if you haven't, or even if you have.  Here is Nathaniel,  he is already so cute, just think how much bigger he will be able to get if he can eat better.  I hope LWB will tell me they have so many donations that they need me to send more of my red thread thank you's.  Did you get yours yet?  thank you  Narissa

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I got really exciting news today from LWB!  They have matched me with a child that will have surgery in April from Xiangtan Hunan.  That is where my "cousin" Matthew is from.  I have not yet raised the full amount needed, so won't you please help.  I am hoping to not only finish paying for this child, but I heard there are a few others also in need.  Lets make this LWB trip the best.  Remember if you donate anything to LWB, tell them Narissa sent you and they will send you a red thread thank you that I made and sent on to them.  Hope you can help!  love  Narissa

Monday, March 12, 2012

Just wanted to send out a thank you to my friends that have helped with my first payment to Love Without Boundaries.  You all made my birthday so great!  Thanks to Pock, Aunt Kim, Aunt Melissa, Keira, Annie, Michelle, Jewel, Bella, Sophia, Ella, Mia, Riley, Toni, Caitlin, Brooke, Ava, Mary, Pat, and my friends at Fashion Focus and Le Cookie du Jour!  I can feel my smile grow, how about you?  Lets help a child smile, see my links and remember if you send a donation to any, please tell them I sent you and also email me so I can send you a red thread thank you.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Smile to Smile

Welcome to my very own blog.  I am Narissa and I am 8 years old.  I was born in China then my parents adopted me and I moved to America. I had a growth that when removed caused me to have right side facial paralysis.  I have been blessed with surgery that hopefully will give me movement again, but at this time we will have to wait and see. 
I want to help others smile.  I told my mom this and she helped me get this blog to see what I can do.  Together we thought of three ways that might help someone else smile. Please follow these links and make a donation directly to them.  I cannot take money so you can be sure that anything you pay will go help someone in need.
My first thought is to help the orphans in China that need cleft surgery.  There are many groups that go to China and volunteer care.  I just had my birthday party and asked everyone that wanted to bring a gift to please not get me anything, just bring a check made out to Love Without Boundaries.  It made me very happy to know that I have helped one child to have surgery and now I want to help more.
My next thought of how we can help make a child smile is to help pay to move a orphan from an orphanage to a foster home.  I spent time in both before I was adopted, and I would rather see other babies be part of a family too.  If that is what you would like, please make a donation to Grace and Hope for Children.
Then last, I had my surgery in one of the best hospitals in the United States.  I would love to help them as they helped me.  Please think about making a donation to MA Eye and Ear Infirmary so they can continue in research to help others with facial paralysis smile.
I know I started my blog with a lot of words, my mom wrote most of them.  I will do better to make my next post shorter.
One more idea, if you send a donation to any of the above because of me, please tell them and ask them to let me know and I will send you a red thread thank you and keep track of how much we have helped.