Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm Back!

Hi everybody, it's me Narissa I am back!  I have not been on the computer for awhile.  We had to get a new one cuz our last one broke.  Now I can write again and hope to raise more money for the babies still waiting for families in China.
On my list of favorite places I would like to help, I put Grace-Hope for Children because I was in a foster home through them when I was waiting for my family.  I also put Love Without Boundaries because I want to help other babies have smiles too. The last I put was Mass Eye and Ear Hospital in Boston because that is where my surgery was done, and my great surgeon does research to help other people with facial paralysis get smiles.  Dr. Hadlock also does volunteer work in other countries to help children have surgeries that their families can not afford.  I hope that someone can read my story and help one of these places so other children can smile.
I have made more red thread thank you's and would love to send them to the places above so they can forward you one if you make a donation and tell them that you did so because I asked!
I saw my friend had a chart on her blog to show how much money was raised to help her family adopt her new sister.  Mom doesn't know how to put one of those on my blog.  If anyone can help her, please let her know.  I want to be able to show how much money I raise for the babies.
I hope everone is having a good summer.  I am happy to be out of school but I already miss my friends and teachers.  I can write again soon, and I will ask mom to put some pictures on too.