Friday, September 28, 2012

We really need help!

Good morning all
     I hope that you are good.  My mom tells me that people send donations to LWB and Grace and Hope all the time.  Please if you are going to send them a donation and you find out about my blog will you send it through my chip in?  Then you can have one of my gifts that mom sent for me.  Then you can help me help LWB have money for the next smile trip and you can help me make sure that Misty is in foster care.  Thank you        Love Narissa

Monday, September 17, 2012

Lots of Red Thread thank you's waiting!

Narissa has made and sent her red thread thank you's.  I sure hope that you will be able to receive one!  A group has been sent to both Grace & Hope and LWB, won't you send your donation through Narissa's chip in today so that you can receive yours.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Come on people I'm cheering you on!

Come on everyone, I have a lot to go to get one surgery done for just one baby.  I want to get enough for a lot of babies.  I am cheering you on. GO lets get donations in to LWB.

We need to get money to Grace and Hope for Misty to be in foster care too.  Please help! love Narissa

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Smile Grew Overnight!

I got very happy news this morning, donations came in for both LWB and Grace & Hope!  Mom also told me that Grace & Hope let me know we have Misty.  She is a girl from my orphanage, and I had asked for her a few weeks ago but didn't know I got her till this morning.  I want to help kids still in the orphanage.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We have chip ins!

So this is the post that Narissa has been waiting for. We asked Grace - Hope and Love Without Boundaries for chip ins. Narissa was a very happy girl when for her birthday she was able to raise money for LWB to do 2 cleft surgeries. She asked me to help her raise more so that when LWB goes on their next trip, they will already have money that she raised! Narissa was a child that was in foster care through Grace - Hope while she waited to come home. Although she was not with her foster family for a long time, five years later, she still misses her other mother. How special it is for her to have a memory, although small of a special love left behind. Won't you help Narissa raise enough money for another child to have that care. The chip ins make it possible to donate directly to the charity of your choice. No money will come through us. Narissa has made what she calls red thread thank yous, and one will be sent to you for your donation through that charity! There is no chip in for MA Eye and Ear, but that is another place in our hearts as that is where Narissa's smile surgery was done. They are helping her to smile, won't you. Narissa has been chosen as one of the fund raising faces of the year for MA Eye and Ear! You can make donations to them through their web site. If you tell them Narissa sent you, and ask for a red thread, I am sure they will be happy to get one out also.