Wednesday, October 31, 2012

First Aid Kits

A great big thank you goes out to my friend Mike who sent us these great first aid kits to sell.  He donated these for me to sell and send the profit to my chip ins.  They are so nice, I sold 3 of them in the first five minutes.  Any others out there interested?  The big blue ones are $20 and the smaller ones are each $10.  Because these were donated, all the money will go to help others smile.  Can't thank you enough Mike.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Narissa's BIG night!

Last week, Narissa had a very special night.  Over the past year, Ma Eye and Ear Hospital has followed her, a video was made starting during surgery, then follow up appointments, days at the playground with her new friend that also had surgery,  they also had pictures added from her adoption.  The video was great of both Narissa and her friend Lydia. I did have one sting in it when a statement was made that we adopted Narissa, when no one else would.  That I am sure was a comment taken out of context, but I was not able to view before production.  Anyways, the video was made to help fundraise the hospital's research needs, a cause our family is very concerned with.
Narissa had a fairy tale night, she and Lydia were introduced to the giant stage after the video played.  Maybe biased, but they were about the cutest little girls I have ever seen!  I was so proud of how well they helped each other, and just really enjoyed themselves in the spot light.  They got to intruduce Joey MacIntire of the The Kids On The Block.  When I told Narissa, her only comment was "WHO".  A little before her time, but my older daughters were wishing they could be there!
Later, the girls returned to the stage as Narissa had a donation from her grandfather.  They led the donations for the next 20 minutes or so, looking so beautiful on stage the crowd could not help but hit that donate button.  They co hosted the fund drive till $81,000 was hit!  Over all one of life's greatest events.  The night brought in over 1.1 million for the hospital.
So, with such great success for the hospital, I ask why can't Narissa get a few more donations from her chip ins?  She checks in often and wonders why no one has added to the few donations made when the chip ins first went up.  Does no one care about Misty?  Is there anyone that can help the babies that LWB will help?  These are Narissa's questions.  Please can someone help?