Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I got really exciting news today from LWB!  They have matched me with a child that will have surgery in April from Xiangtan Hunan.  That is where my "cousin" Matthew is from.  I have not yet raised the full amount needed, so won't you please help.  I am hoping to not only finish paying for this child, but I heard there are a few others also in need.  Lets make this LWB trip the best.  Remember if you donate anything to LWB, tell them Narissa sent you and they will send you a red thread thank you that I made and sent on to them.  Hope you can help!  love  Narissa

Monday, March 12, 2012

Just wanted to send out a thank you to my friends that have helped with my first payment to Love Without Boundaries.  You all made my birthday so great!  Thanks to Pock, Aunt Kim, Aunt Melissa, Keira, Annie, Michelle, Jewel, Bella, Sophia, Ella, Mia, Riley, Toni, Caitlin, Brooke, Ava, Mary, Pat, and my friends at Fashion Focus and Le Cookie du Jour!  I can feel my smile grow, how about you?  Lets help a child smile, see my links and remember if you send a donation to any, please tell them I sent you and also email me so I can send you a red thread thank you.