Friday, November 30, 2012

My day in Boston

     Today I went to Boston to see Dr. Hadlock for a follow up.  I love going to see Dr. Hadlock because she is the Dr that gave me a smile.  I am happy that mom and dad found her and she was able to do such a good surgery.  It makes me sad that so many babies in China need surgery.  My chip ins don't have much money in them.  Please can you help?  The LWB chip in is to get money ready for the next cleft trip in April.  The Grace and Hope is to keep Misty in foster care.  Please keep Misty's smile by letting her stay in a family rather than the orphanage.  Just a little bit of money to a chip in helps if everyone adds a little.  NO money comes to me, it all goes straight to LWB or Grace and Hope.  Remember to tell them I sent you so you can get a thank you.

     Also today, WCVB Boston news interviewed me for the news next Monday.  I had fun.  Thank you Lynn and Steve, and thank you Mary for sending me pictures.  I hope that my story will help others smile too.  Mom thought I was funny when Lynn told me I would be on the news next week.  I asked her when can I be on Ellen!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Chip in is up

There was a problem with the Grace and Hope chip in, but I am happy to say a new one is up and ready. Please think of Misty now in foster care and wanting to stay there needing our help. It just is such a small amount to keep her in foster care. Everyones donation helps. If all you have is $5.00 that is great, it goes with someone elses $5.00 and together we can make it happen. For those that can give more, that is great too. Please lets all do what we can. Misty needs us! We are also still needing as much as we can toward LWB. They will travel in the spring to do more cleft surgeries. I am trying to raise money, won't you help? Last year, I was so happy to see the pictures of the 2 babies that my birthday money helped put new smiles on. I can't wait to see who we can help together. AND for those of you who love my new smile, remember MA Eye and Ear! love Narissa

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


   Yay,  my story made the front page of our paper!  They even posted a link to this blog.  I hope that more people will look here and know that the chip in money does not come to me.  It goes straight to LWB.  Grace and Hope has to be reset, but for now LWB is a great place to donate.  Or if you want to donate to Grace and Hope that would be great, Misty needs money to stay in foster care.  Please donate to them and tell them Narissa sent you and they will send you my thank you. If you are looking to help others smile one of these places or MA Eye and Ear Hospital curing kids are great places to go.
    My sad news is that my counter is at 1925 and only 4 people have donated to LWB.  WHY?  Please know that so many babies NEED YOU.  Please join me and help   love Narissa

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Day of Giving

I love to raise money for other people.  Last week first I was happy to get the money, then I was sad when I raised $50 from selling first aid kits.  Mom went to put half on LWB and half on Grace and Hope and found out that the Grace and Hope chip in ended.  I didn't want it to end because we need to still raise money to keep Misty in foster care.  But it ended way short of the money needed.  Please help Grace and Hope when the new chip in gets up.  Mom put all the money in LWB which is great too.
Today is a day of giving for America.  Please never forget our orphans in China, but today all the people in NY and NJ that still have no heat or lights or even homes really need our help.  Please find a way to help them and donate.    Love Narissa