Saturday, April 21, 2012

LWB have helped 49

It has been a very happy and busy week for the medical team at Love Without Boundaries.  They have done 49 surgeries and are now on their way home.  With saddness I have to say that Nathaniel was not able to have his surgery.  He weighed less than expected so he will just have to fatten up before he can be done.  Please keep him in your prayers.  On a good side, a rural baby had surgery in his place.  So for those of you who helped Nathaniel, know that your donation went to a great use.  It is so special to know that a rural child whose parents love him but could not afford surgery has been helped.  This child can now stay in the loving care of his birth mother and father and not need to be an orphan to have this life changing surgery.  It made me cry.  I cried for Nathaniel who has to wait, but for Ci I cried tears of joy knowing the difference this turn has made.  Just because this trip has come to a close, don't forget that LWB helps year round to many programs.  We love to hear of the donations that come in so please continue to help.  There are a lot of red thread gifts waiting to be delivered! 

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