Friday, November 30, 2012

My day in Boston

     Today I went to Boston to see Dr. Hadlock for a follow up.  I love going to see Dr. Hadlock because she is the Dr that gave me a smile.  I am happy that mom and dad found her and she was able to do such a good surgery.  It makes me sad that so many babies in China need surgery.  My chip ins don't have much money in them.  Please can you help?  The LWB chip in is to get money ready for the next cleft trip in April.  The Grace and Hope is to keep Misty in foster care.  Please keep Misty's smile by letting her stay in a family rather than the orphanage.  Just a little bit of money to a chip in helps if everyone adds a little.  NO money comes to me, it all goes straight to LWB or Grace and Hope.  Remember to tell them I sent you so you can get a thank you.

     Also today, WCVB Boston news interviewed me for the news next Monday.  I had fun.  Thank you Lynn and Steve, and thank you Mary for sending me pictures.  I hope that my story will help others smile too.  Mom thought I was funny when Lynn told me I would be on the news next week.  I asked her when can I be on Ellen!

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